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Remote Service is provided through the "TeamViewer" remote application.  If I am not immediately available for remote service just click on the TeamViewer link below, it will download the TeamViewer remote application on to your computer. Once it is downloaded double click on the downloaded file and install TeamViewer onto your computer. When you begin to install it just choose their "Basic" and "Personal Home Use" version, and then give me a call (at 503-577-4201) and let me know you are ready for remote service. We will arrange for the best time possible for remotely working with your Computer.

A remote approach can be great for my clients since if I make an onsite visit (In the Portland Metro region) I have to charge a minimum of one hour's service fee ($50 for the personal residence and $60 for the business environment), but if we use the remote approach (for any where in the world where you have an active Internet Connection) then I charge $13 for each 15 minutes for the personal residence and $15 for each 15 minutes for the business environment. 

For our Remote Service approach we can use your Credit Card or PayPal, but I have to pass along their 3.5% fee charge.

I look forward to remotely serving all your computing needs.