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Windows 10 is now available...!

On July 29th, 2015 Microsoft formally released and made available the full version of their newest operating system - Windows 10.  While Microsoft has never released into the marketplace a major operating system upgrade that was truly ready for general consumer use from the moment of its release, Windows 10 has proven to be no exception to their track record. It does well on new computers with Windows 10 preloaded, and for existing computers that are compatible with Windows 10 when a fresh install is done it generally works well. Where it doesn't yet work so well is in using their Upgrade option. In many cases the upgrade fails altogether. In other cases it works but many programs either won't work or have to be upgraded or uninstalled and reinstalled. If you would like for me to either perform a fresh install or assist you in the Upgrade approach I would be happy to do so, but I cannot guarantee to you that the upgrade will go smoothly.

Now, what will it cost to have me come out and upgrade your system? 

The cost for the Upgrade process from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 is approximately $100 for the software after July 15, 2016).  Total to completion - $250, if you need to purchase Windows 10. Any additional program setups will be based on an hourly fee.

The cost for a fresh install (because it takes considerably longer than an Upgrade approach) would be $150.

The flat fees cover the install of your Windows operating system, Windows device drivers, basic programs, and the transfer of your personal data (75 gigabytes or less) from the old drive to the new. It covers up to, but not exceeding, 3 hours of service time. If you have above 75 gigabytes of data or programs that require advanced setup procedures and time it may exceed the allotted 3 hours and would incur additional hourly costs.  A really great value!

Either way...I look forward to helping you make this exciting transition.  I believe it is the best operating system Microsoft has ever produced.  I've used it already myself and have found it very stable.  I've installed it on many of my clients computers already and they are reporting back to me that it is stable, enjoyable, easy to learn, and full of excellent new resources. 

I look forward to hearing from you to set up a time to help you with this transition. 

I can be reached at 503-577-4201.

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