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Many people ask me"Tom, how can I super charge my computer?  How much will it cost to increase my hard drive space, or speed up my computer??"  So here are some typical hardware costs.  They are just rough estimates but they will give you a general feel for costs.  These install quickly, so factor in 30-60 minutes for installation time. Use these as reference points:

New 500 gigabyte desktop hard drive:
(If you need us to install the operating system then of course there would be additional time and costs.)

New 500 gigabyte laptop hard drive:

New 1 gigabyte PC3200 RAM memory chip for desktop:

New 1 gigabyte PC3200 RAM memory chip for laptop:

These are for immediate local purchase prices.  If we order these the prices can be even lower.  Installation is quick and inexpensive.

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