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Written by Tom Sparks or other Contributors   
Wednesday, 18 August 2010 16:56

Is your Wireless Network Secure??? 
If you have a wireless network in your home and it hasn't been secured yet you are definitely going to be motivated to have me come out and secure it after you read the following article!

The Importance of a Secure Wireless Network


Internet Explorer 9 beta not ready yet. 

In the following article I discuss Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 9 beta, and warn that it isn't ready for use yet.


Don't install Internet Explorer 9 beta yet


Here are some Helpful Insights for protecting yourself from Facebook related problems.

1.  Protect your Facebook places

2.  Avoid Facebook Viruses

How do I avoid getting all these Viruses??? 

In the following article I share with you some important concepts for avoiding the continual re-infection of your computer with viruses.


Tips to Avoid getting infected with a Virus


150,000,000 reasons why virus makers make viruses. 
In 2009 alone, virus makers made in excess of $150,000,000.  Click on the following article for a description of the explosion of "Scareware" on the internet scene:


Scareware Distributors stole $150m


Plundering your Bank Account.
If you've wondered how safe online banking is, in a world where Cyber Criminals exist, the following article may provide both scary and helpful insights to protecting yourself:


Getting into your Bank Account


10 Pieces to the Cyber Crime Puzzle. 
There are many players involved in the whole Virus Cyber Crime process.  The following article defines the 10 key players in the war for your computer and money:


10 Cyber Crime Players


10 Email Scams to Watch Out for. 
Your email is a major target in virus infection and Cyber Crime.  The following article will give you some great insights in protecting yourself by the way you handle your emails:

10 Email Scams


Web Site Planted Viruses
So often I'm asked "How the heck did I get this virus???  I didn't go to any weird site, I didn't download anything I'm aware of, but I still got a virus."  This article addresses the reality we must all learn to deal with...namely, that hackers are able to plant codes in seemingly innocuous sites that will install a virus on your computer just by visiting the site.

Web Site Planted Viruses


Beware of Scam Virus Removers!

If you receive an urgent message, while surfing the internet, that you have just been infected by a virus and you need to let a program scan your computer and remove it DON'T DO IT!  Click on the article below first and then give me a call:

Beware of Scam Virus Removers


Why do Virus Makers do what they do and where do they come from?
I'm often asked "Why on earth do these guys make viruses?  Is it just to be evil and mess with our computers, or do they make money from it?"  The following article will address these questions:

Malware had a great year in 2008


Backing  Up your Data

I can't tell you how often my clients lament not having backed up their data.  Here is a short article explaining why and how you should do it immediately:

Backing Up your Data

Don't Pay for Virus and Spyware Protection
We are able to assist you in obtaining the best virus and spyware protection at no cost.  Click on the article below for how we can do this:

Don't Pay for Virus and Spyware Protection


How to tell if your Computer is Infected with a Virus

The following article will provide you with some pretty telling signs of having a Virus:

Do you have a Virus?


The Value of Adding RAM Memory
Adding additional RAM to your computer can make a huge difference.  We've written a short article explaining.  Click on the article below:

The Value of Adding RAM Memory


Mac Computers no longer invulnerable

For years Mac Computers have enjoyed the appearance of invulnerability to viruses, but hackers have now turned their nefarious ways on the Mac.  Click on the article below that describes:


20,000 Macs Attacked by Virus


How do Virus Creators do it?

If you've ever desired a detailed explanation of what is involved in hackers doing the things they do to your computer, Click on the article below and it will take you a long ways towards understanding:


Tracing a Hacker


Is it safe to leave my Computer and Monitor on all the time?

I'm often asked this question so I've included a brief article that addresses this matter.


Is it safe to leave my Computer and Monitor on all the time?



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