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It's my desire to serve your every computing need, and it would be impossible to list each of the types of service I can provide, but below you will find some of the classic areas where I have helped many folks.  My expertise lies in the "Non-Business-Server Oriented Settings."  If your home or business is not connected to a Server I'd be happy to help.

Examples of how I might help in the Residential and Small Business Environment:support.jpg


  • Speed up your sluggish computer
  • Software installation
  • Resolve Windows software errors 
  • Remove viruses and malware  
  • Installation of computer enhancing software
  • Email setup
  • Update Windows Operating system to full potential
  • Lost data retrieval (outside source for catastrophic loss)
  • Data backup and transfer assistance
  • Setup of TV networking

  • Install new computer RAM memory, a hard drive, or a CD/DVD drive  
  • Printer and webcam setup
  • Software configuration for optimal performance
  • Remove space wasting programs that slow your computer
  • Rebuild your entire operating system
  • Skype and Yahoo, with both message and video setup
  • Personal computer training
  • Wireless and Network Setup for the Home and Non-Server Oriented Business
  • Smart phone setups, including both iPhone and Android phones
  • PC Integration with Surveillance System 


If an hourly fee works the best for you then that will be $48/hour in the residential setting and $58/hour for small business locations.  As an added help, the maximum charge for a complete rebuild of your operating system will not exceed $150 (not including any parts needed).

If you need a laptop power jack replacement, a new laptop keyboard, laptop screen repair, or other specialized hardware repairs I can point you to a co-worker who can take care of these needs too, up to and including building a brand new desktop computer for you.

technicians encountering viruses rush to rebuild your entire system, and charge a large flat fee to do so. I am continually studying methods of removing viruses and malware short of such a radical rebuild procedure, and I have great success at it. If it turns out the virus is too complex or hidden within system files then we can talk about a full rebuild at a reasonable flat fee, but often within 2 hours I am successful at removing the problem and getting you back up and going again...virus free! However, let me say here...if it has been at least 2 years since you have backed up all your data on to an external medium (CD, DVD, Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, etc.) and then had your Windows Operating System rebuilt, then you should give strong consideration to having me do this for you.  It will clear the registry, realign the hard drive's magnetic heads, and increase the speed and performance of your computer immensely.  I will spend between 4 and 7 hours with this process, put all the Windows updates in place, install 14 programs-utilities-and antivirus softwares, and optimize your system for a computer that will run faster than it did when new, all for just $150.  A really great value!  

Either way, by the time I've restored your system you will think you have a new computer again.

I'd be happy to help you set up your email program, word processor, configure your picture applications, video solutions, and many other applications.  Or, if what would serve you the best is to have me spend some time teaching you how to work with a specific program, or get more from your computer, I'd be happy to do that as well.  I spent many years as a college professor so spending time teaching you would be my pleasure.

Here are some "FLAT FEE" Services we can offer you:

  • Full system rebuild (Includes: Backup of your current files, Reloading your operating system, installing all drivers, full Windows Updates, free antivirus program, free spyware program, free program menu bar, free picture viewing program, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shock Wave, Adobe Flash, Java, Sandboxie, Defrag, PDF creator, CD/DVD burner, Backup software, Additional Internet Browsers, Codecs, File Finder, and a Temporary file removing program.)   Takes between 4-7 hours. All for just $150.

  • Partial system rebuild (Includes: Backup of your current files, Reloading your operating system and installing all drivers).  Takes between 2-4 hours.  Just $75.

  • Installing RAM memory - (Includes: Installing the memory chip, checking for spyware and viruses, and various other tweaks or adjustments to your system.)  Takes around 30-60 minutes.  Just $40 (parts extra)

  • Installing new hard drive - (Includes: Loading your operating system and installing all drivers.)  Takes between 2-4 hours.  Just $75 (parts extra) 


  •  Acceptable methods of payment: Cash - Check - Credit Card - PayPal (Pay Here)

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