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Greetings from EagleTech Computer Service!

Winter is coming, and you will likely be spending more time indoors and on your computer than during the warmer summer days where you get in as much "outside" time as possible.

Is it time to tune-up your computer? Most Technicians agree, that because of the dangers of viruses lingering hidden in your operating system, such as RootkitKeylogger, and Bot viruses, and because after about 1-2 years your registry becomes overloaded with files that greatly slow down your computer, it is a very good idea to rebuild your operating system at least every 1-2 years.

All of my clients, for whom I rebuild their systems, agree that it is like getting back a new computer. Everything runs faster and more stable.

It is generally best for me to take your computer home, where I will spend 5-7 hours doing the following things:

  • Remove your personal data (files, pictures, personal business data, music, email files, etc.). I recommend you back up your data first, to an external hard drive, since I'm not able to guarantee I would know all the places you might have valuable data saved. I can help with this process too if you like.
  • Delete your current hard drive partition and reformat it. This removes 100% of all data, programs, and operating system files.
  • Reinstall your Windows Operating System.
  • Install all Windows security updates.
  • Install all programs that you have disks for.
  • Install 14 specialty programs, including Antivirus software and speed optimizing programs.
  • Finish up by Defragmenting your hard drive.

My cost for this service is just $110, which is lower than the amount would be at $23/hr for the 5-7 hours it takes.

Do you have less than 1 gigabyte of RAM memory? You will be surprised what a difference adding a little more RAM memory will make to an older computer. I can generally add a 1 gigabyte stick of RAM memory to your desktop or laptop computer for right around $50 for the memory stick, and $23 install time, and you will love what it does for your computer’s speed.

Do you have too many programs running in the background, eating up your processing speed and slowing your computer down, but you aren’t comfortable with deciding which ones can be safely removed? I can help with this too. Usually one hour is sufficient time to make some great improvements.

These are just a few suggestions of how we might see some nice improvements for your computer. Can you think of others? I’m here to help.

Don’t hesitate to call !!!

Tom Sparks

EagleTech Computer Service







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