Recommended Services

The following businesses represent services some of my clients provide and for whom I have confidence that they will provide you with excellent service, solid integrity, and true skill at a reasonable price.  Feel free to let me know how their services match up to these descriptions and I hope you will find them helpful.

They are services that I am not able to provide you myself but which I believe may be very helpful to you.  As my clients I'm always looking for tips and services that can enhance your computing experience and beyond...

EagleTech Computer Service is not able to guarantee their services, but I would not have placed their Ad here if I didn't have reasonable anticipation that you would be well served.

# Article Title Hits
1 Auto Services - "D'Angelo Auto Sales" 3689
2 Auto Services - "Applied Colors" 3133
3 Laptop Hardware Repair - "Max Computer Station" 3841
4 Personal Health & Beauty - "Venus Dreams Blends" 3345
5 Printer Repair - "The Cartridge-Network" 3167
6 Printer Repair - "The Portland Printer Place" 3522
7 Real Estate - "Ken Roberts" 2712
8 Real Estate - "Portland Homes For Sale" 3061
9 Real Estate - "PDX Brokers" 3088
10 Sporting Goods - "ReRack" 3051
11 Web & Graphic Design - "MetroPCWorks" 2595
12 Web & Graphic Design - "MoShapes Graphic Design" 2825